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clear and convincing presentation, even senior clerk all to in order to admire, how do you greatly push to say not to know at this time?"Su Bing Yun finishes saying and hesitates, or so saw one eye, answered 1:"That …Liao learn a soldier, November 17 before decade, did you remember the rights of the case?"
The business of the diary old Liao early forgets after brain, at this time and suddenly start to come to, touch a head ha ha a smile.", That, in brief simple, etc. I to return to old house to see, are really too busy for several days recently on Sunday, Chiu big strange that boy calumniates me everywhere, on Monday teacher's general assembly you also saw, I almost be dismissed, the board of directors seeks me to talk to understand inside story, don't know to spend how many times."
"You …… you basically didn't put this matter in the mind ……" Su the smiling face of ice cloud become thin all of a sudden.Enthusiasm in the eye all disappears and seem at and friendship the vague common colleague talk:"That was certainly.The Chiu director all requests very strictly to the colleagues to he or she."
Sky in June, chemisette face, how say to change and then change where?Luckily Lao Tze didn't also be you to return to matter.Liao learns a soldier to take back Su to inform in ice cloud tone in time of information, angrily the gravamen ground thinks and waits I to get hold of diary and remembers the story that took place at that time, you wait hurl bosom to send to embrace.
Once river's mountain a stem bureaucrat and a few cultural field celebrity, numerous slipped away a beard to finish seeing front exhibition area of work empress.With many attendants crowding round arrive at don't categorize exhibition area.
The work here is much more interesting.Once the river mountain stopped a step before 《fire bird 》 :"Mr. Li, you see this how?Have a little meaning?"
Is public to see arrive oneself work in the school don't know bureau chief not under the idea how, don't dare to easily interrupt, all with bate breath wait for that speech commentary of Mr. Li, Mr. Li swept one eye, light way:"How not, the student in nowadays will eastern painting Western painting, some contentses didn't express."Those follow behind at after death of the teachers Be happy to be getting worse:"Indeed as expected is Mr. Li, in one language of, I say, this kind of thing cans also hang in the exhibition hall and really has already lost level!""Mr. Li is a celebrity nowadays, he ground can the words also have a leave?I this calls in and sponsors square and withdraws this garbage down."
Sun Ping Hai also follows behind, suffer from drive authorities the bottom conclude a theory to distinguish, the face is being wrinkly must be like bitter gourd.
Su ice cloud face a burst of and red and a burst of white, Nu way:"Has not he hard seen how to easily evaluate, my student can't the Mu is lousy."
Liao learns soldier's way:"Do not urgently, I divide to say that the cent says for you."BE about to push in the past, saw that authorities Mr. Li seem where once saw, not from pleasantly surprised.
A group of persons reviewed a few paintings again and finally walked to the front of 《the autumn died with the breeze 》 .Once river's mountain afraid he or she said to like authorities but felt not good, can shameful big.Say with smile:"Mr. Li, you come and see."
Mr. Li is just wanting openings, Liao learns a soldier to press in crowd fierce clap his shoulder is way:"Pure source elder brother, does the well since departure deny?"
Many teachers are extremely dissatisfied, follow to frightened to disgrace, where come of the Leng head is green to dare big ground heel I the city calligraphy and painting expert Mr. Li Qing Yuan's set almost?"Not get impoliteness!"Someone calls a way.
This to what paintings all disdain to a to attend to, the range of experience highest authorities is exactly father, Li Qing Yuan, in Li Yu, once he turn head, and seriously the face immediately unfolds to open and says with smile:", Teacher Liao, you also at, this can like too much, you to review this to draw how, my in the mind has a little question to catch to touch can not deeply."
Numerous teachers are all low surprised to shout a , is he a big calligraphist Li Qing's teacher who moves south?Really an ancient words:"Don't judge a person by his appearance, sea water can not the Dou measure!
Is shocked far and far don't end, accompany at educate the teaching of bureau chief flank tube section section chief the easy sword wave surprise hand over to add and also called 1:"Teacher Liao, long time no see, I can think you tight!"Is not this the unlucky egg that often took a beating in the bar before?Afterwards the teacher's qualifications examination still helped old Liao's 1 and saw to him bearing in mind constantly to hooligan's eldest brother of power and prestige.

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