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The modern sport of cricket requires a lot of protective gear http://www.teammlbdodgersshop.com/authentic-fernando-valenzuela-dodgers-jersey/ , particularly for batsmen, like helmets, gloves and pads. For a professional cricketer http://www.teammlbdodgersshop.com/authentic-enrique-hernandez-dodgers-jersey/ , only the best equipment in their cricket kit is used. A batsman’s cricket bat or a bowler’s cricket ball is an extension of them. They require a cricket kit of the highest quality to perform better.

1. Cricket bats:

English willow is the highest grade of wood used for cricket bats and is the choice for all professional batsmen. To check the quality of your bat, bounce a cricket ball lightly at the end of the bat. The cricket bat should not be longer than 38 inches. Depending on your height, the handle of your cricket bat can be adjustable.

2. Cricket ball:

Leather cricket balls should be your choice as they are used in all official cricket tournaments and matches. There is an official weight and size designed for cricket balls. For the men’s cricket matches the cricket ball is expected to weigh 155.9 grams. The women’s cricket matches require the cricket ball to weigh exactly between 140 to 151 grams.

3. Cricket pads:

Cricket batting pads made of polyurethane are the best option available as they are extremely good shock absorbers http://www.teammlbdodgersshop.com/authentic-dee-gordon-dodgers-jersey/ , affordable, durable and light weight. One has to try on the pads before purchasing them to ensure they fit perfectly and are comfortable with your particular style of playing.

4. Cricket helmet:

Helmets have become an integral part of safety equipment for batsmen all over the world. Any quality cricket helmet should have a grill that protects the face against the speed of the ball. The padding and chin strap should fit snugly around the head and not move when the batsman plays. Helmets made of carbon fiber combined with Kevlar are of the best quality currently available in markets.

5. Cricket shoes:

Cricketer’s shoes are expected to provide protection and boost the performance of the player and help last longer on the field. Batsmen require shoes which have a strong grip providing outsole, a heel that fits snugly and a bouncy midsole that helps steal quick singles. Bowlers require shoes with a strong grip to prevent them from slipping during deliveries. They require a secure heel and enough cushioning to help run faster on the pitch.

6. Cricket kit bags

A player’s cricket kit must be stored in the safest and most durable bags to prevent them from being damaged. Constant travelling for different tournaments and matches requires a cricket player to purchase a cricket kit bag that is easy to travel with http://www.teammlbdodgersshop.com/authentic-curtis-granderson-dodgers-jersey/ , durable and has enough storage space for their equipment.

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