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Buying a house is an important milestone in life. It is however often a complex process that requires a lot of diligence on the part of the buyer. In most cases people buy homes for sale Charleston SC with the help of estate agents. Estates agents serve as a bridge between homebuyers and home sellers. Inasmuch as estate agents help buyers and sellers to transact though Mikhail Sergachev Black Jersey , they too have their personal interests in these transactions in the form of commissions. Agents are usually paid a percentage of the selling price plus a few other fees here and there. This is indeed why they are always so keen to sell houses at the highest possible prices. As a prospective buyer you need to be careful to ensure that an agent won't have you pay exorbitantly for a house so that heshe can earn a larger commission.

When you are looking for houses for sale in Charleston South Carolina you should take your time and look at several properties. This will certainly give you a picture of how much on average owners of homes for sale Charleston SC are asking for. When you finally settle on a house and get to meet the agent involved with its sale you should have an estimate in mind. The agent will make an offer and you will respond with a counteroffer. Typically, agents put price tags that are above the market price. Make a counteroffer about 20% lower than the price suggested by the agent and stick with it. In most cases the agent will want to negotiate the price; if you accept the first price you are told you will definitely overpay for the house.

If you find your dream house among the houses for sale in Charleston South Carolina don't let the agent know. An agent will study you very closely to see whether you have fallen head over heels for a particular house and if he notices that you have he will drive a harder bargain. As you look over the houses for sale exude an air of nonchalance, even if you are smitten by a particular house. Convince the agent that you are not too keen on buying any of the homes for sale Charleston SC unless he's willing to offer a good price.

Keep a close eye on the whole property market in the area. As has already been pointed out, you should do your homework and find out the average home prices in the area. In addition, take note of the rate at which the houses for sale are changing hands. If the property market is sluggish you will have a stronger negotiating position. You will also have an upper hand if the houses being sold are going at lower prices than what the agent is asking from you.

Never let an agent pressure you to close a deal. Agents are known to create a sense of urgency so that buyers can close quickly. For example, he can threaten to sell the house to another buyer who is more interested in the house. If an agent tries to pull this trick on you simply tell him that it's OK if he proceeds to sell it to the other person. Remind him of the other houses up for sale too. When you call his bluff he will most likely back down and talk. Remember to feign disinterest in a house even if you really want it to stop the agent from pushing too hard. Tweet
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